Removable Support Pipe EBS Breeding Mount 500504

This is the most popular of the support pipe options. It is also designed for the breeder that is setting up a new breeding station with the ability to pour a concrete base for the mount. This is a ‘dual-pipe’ design. It is very much like the Permanent Support Pipe, but it is constructed of two pieces that bolt together at a ground level a flange assembly. This allows removal of the upper section, so during the off-season time, the mount can be removed completely. If the mount ever needs to be moved at a later time, a new ‘in-ground’ section can be purchased and no cutting would be required to remove the post. The in-ground section also has a stabilizing bar to increase durability. The above ground portion has the pre-drilled holes to accommodate the main mount section and the entire post is powdercoated for life.

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