We offer a full range of swine A.I. services customized to any size operation. These services are:

1. Boar Stud Design

ITSI professionals have extensive practical experience in boar stud and laboratory design. Whether your stud’s capacity is 10 boars or 200, our innovative layouts are customized to each operation. It is our goal to create a practical, efficient and personnel friendly environment.

2. Management Expertise

Swine A.I. has long been viewed as non-viable. However, in the past few years new products, techniques and equipment have improved the efficiency of this technology. Through A.I. boars were found to increase the reproductive capacity four fold compared to natural mating schemes providing that the management skills were extemely good.

For this reason ITSI makes their management expertise available to producers, commercial A.I. units and breeding operations of the international swine industry.

3. Equipment Recommendations

Successful A.I. programs require sperm cells to survive outside the reproductive tract for several days. Without proper processing, the cells will only maintain their fertilizing ability for a short time. Furthermore, sperm cells are extremely sensitive to temperature changes, UV radiation, water, soap and a variety of other factors. As a result, special procedures and supplies are needed to achieve the extended lifespan of the sperm cells.

ITSI has the experience and knowledge to help you select the equipment required for your operation to ensure A.I. success.

4. Technical Backup

Insemination of sows does not rely on physical strength. Instead, it is much more important to have a thorough understanding of the estrus cycle. This, combined with the proper heat detection skills, will allow both young and old to be successful inseminators.

However, in-house expertise is not always available. For this reason ITSI provides the technical backup whenever needed.

5. Hands-On Training

The process of natural breeding requires very little human interference. A.I., on the other hand, is utterly and totally dependent on human handling. Therefore, having the knowledge and obtaining experience in A.I. is of the utmost importance.

To fill this void, ITSI experts are avaialble for on-premise training in:

  • Semen collection
  • Semen processing
  • Hygiene procedures
  • Microscope techniques
  • Artificial Insemination

6. TG 5 Loin Tatoo Device

The TG 5 is a high performance tattooing device for the visual identification of livestock, companion, and research animals. It fulfills all European animal care requirements regarding safety and hygienic standards. In the swine industry specifically it is used by breeding-, grower-finishing and distributing companies as an essential aspect of control and quality assurance. The device is almost maintenance free and can be used anywhere in stationary or mobile operation. The rigid mechanical construction, designed for rough environmental conditions guarantees economic operation and highest efficiency.

The individual and imitation-safe mark is tattooed within three to four seconds directly and painlessly into the skin of the animal. The high performance marking head and the electronically controlled supply of special tattooing-ink lead to a clean and always perfectly readable marking. The exact penetration depth together with the custom designed ink avoids injuries as well as danger of infection. Due to the high performance of the device, identification of 75 to 100 animals per hour can be achieved, even by unqualified personnel. The digital foil display is clear, simple and user-friendly to program. A range of symbols and numeric characters can be used for individual coding and identification.

The TG 5 offers multiple tattooing applications, simplicity and a flexible identification protocol. The loin-tattoo allows control from A to Z. Depending on the user’s requirements, the TG 5 can be programmed for unique and individual markings or multiple repetitions. Processing of the acquired data results in higher production safety and profitability. The TG 5 creates reliable and dependable suppliers, able to fulfill the multiple expectations of distributors, buyers and consumers in regard to quality assurance and traceability of the animal and resulting end products.

The forgery resistant and boiling-tub safe loin-tattoo allows for quick and reliable registration in the slaughter-house. The traceability of the incoming animals is guaranteed and processing of the meat is undisturbed by any operations to remove implants or ear-marks. Premiums for breeding and quality of meat can be assigned to each individual animal.

The uninterrupted monitoring achieved with the TG 5 loin-tattoo is an investment which guarantees a fast return and improvements in production quality.