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Disposable boots have two primary functions – keeping a person’s lower legs clean and dry in wet or messy environments and as a biosecurity barrier to prevent the transferrance of germs, disease, or other biological agents. The basic design of the disposable boot is an ambidextrous (fits right or left foot) poly plastic cover designed to be pulled over an existing shoe or boot for protection. Variations in the design include size, thickness of the material, how it is held on (elastic or tie top) and plain or treaded bottom. Disposable boots have become more and more popular over the past few years for their biosecurity functions in multiple settings – from travelling veterinarians to inspectors to fair personell. Choosing the right boot for your needs depends on a couple of factors. The tie-top boots have a perforated band along the top edge of the boot that when detached becomes a band for tying it around your lower leg. The elastic-topped versions use an elastic band within the top edge, so once they’re pulled on they stay put. Next comes thickness. For short duration wearing on smooth or finished surfaces, a thinner plastic boot works just fine. For longer stretches, rough or loose surfaces or similar circumstances where greater wear will result, choose a boot with thicker walls or treaded base.


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