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The EBS CO-style A.V. is the only type of artificial vagina that will work within the A.V. receptacle. If choosing to side-collect a stallion (as opposed to the in-mount assembly) it is imperative that the padded door plug be used to prevent accidental penetration of the mount by the stallion’s penis. Penetration of the mount without an A.V. or door plug in place in the receptable may result in injury.
The door plug and other accessories are listed in the “Breeding Mount Accessories” section.

The Equine Breeding Supply (EBS) Stallion Breeding Mount is the finest collection phantom in the industry. This patented mount is durable, adjustable, and with a trained stallion it can be a one-person operation! Our flexible design give the breeder options for collecting the stallion with either an A.V. built into the mount itself or via side collection. It’s a mount that was designed by breeders for breeders, and with adjustments and enhancements over the years has been the premier mount on the market. The mount also includes a complete Colorado-style artificial equine vagina assembly with the liners and accessories in either 18”, 22” (standard), or 25” sizes. For more information on the A.V. options, see the previous page. The mount also includes an instructional DVD created by its inventor, the late Dr. Jack Dyer. This video presentation demonstrates proper setup of the artificial vagina as well as collection of the stallion using the EBS Mount. When used properly, this mount is a highly effective and very safe method of collecting stallion.

It’s Rugged:
The support post options for the EBS Mount are manufactured from schedule #80 steel. This heavy-duty assembly is strong enough to support anything from a pony to an aggressive draft horse. The thick steel, strong welds and powdercoated finish will offer you many years of continued usa and abuse. The standard covering fabric on the mount body itself is a ballistic rip-stop material that won’t easily puncture or tear. The interior frame of the mount body is welded steel diamond grill mounted on a welded steel framework. The dense-cell foam padding between the frame and covering is designed not to crumble or collapse with age.
It’s Versatile:
Collect any size stallion with one moment. With both height and angle adjustments you can set this mount up to collect stallions large or small. With our new built-in crank-style jack option, height adjustments are a one-person operation! No need for a separate floor jack. Collect the stallion via the built-in Colorado A.V., or put the optional removable padded door plug in (#500514) and collect a stallion ‘hand-held’ from the side with either the included Colorado-style A.V. or a Missouri-style. The three support pipe options (see below) also permit the installation of this mount in either a new or existing facility.
It’s Amendable/Expandable:
Do you have a stallion that likes to hold on via a bit? Belt on the optional Stallion Leather Grip (#500511) and your horse can hold on and bite away. If you have an animal that grips tightly to the sides of the mount with his forelegs, chafing can occur. The optional Softside Fleece Cover (#500509) straps over the rear 2/3 of the mount to provide protection for inner knee area. Does your stallion like to hook his forelegs onto something for purchase? The buckle-on Hip Assembly (#500518) offers the stallion a set of ‘hips’ to hold onto during collection to help keep him in place.
The EBS Mount uses a simple support post for its operation. Since different breeding farms have different architecture and differing needs, we offer three styles of support pipe base to make installation convenient for everyone. The support pipe is a separate component from the main mount for this reason. All support pipe options are constructed of schedule #80 steel.