Artificial Equine Vaginas are constructed in two basic styles – Colorado Model and Missouri Model. We carry both styles. The shape and structure of the A.V. styles are the distinguishing characteristics.

Structure: The CO Model A.V. employs a rigid tube that is fitted with an inner latex liner and filled with warm water. The MO Model A.V. uses a warm water-filled latex bladder that is then used within a leather or nylon A.V. cover.

Shape: The CO Model A.V. is a symmetrical tube with an outlet port in the center. The MO Model A.V. is a tube with an offset outlet port. This shape differential is important if you use disposable collection kits with your A.V. The disposable A.V. liner component of the kits is fitted for either CO or MO styles.
COLORADO MODEL Artificial Vagina
Our CO Model A.V. is of a special design that will permit use either within our EBS Breeding Mount (#500501) or as a side-collection artificial vagina. The tube diameter, collapsible handle and latex liner rings are specifically fit for the mount. The CO Model A.V. is available in lengths of 14”, 16 “, 18” (standard), 22”, or 25”. This length is based on the rigid tube. The latex liners fit all sizes. Included with the complete A.V. purchase is (1) rigid tube with handle, end rings and filling ports, (1) latex water jacket liner, (2) large latex liner securing rubber bands, (1) A.V. Protective Padded Cone (#500520) and (1) pack of disposable All-in-One collection kits (#631020).
MISSOURI MODEL Artificial Vagina
Our MO Model A.V. options include sizes of 16” and 22”. This style of A.V. uses an independent water bladder that is then held within an A.V. outer cover. This latex bladder is filled via an ‘air chuck’ style filling port (#617140). The bladder has its own tapered offset filling port for fitting either a bottle with adapter or disposable collection kit. Commonly used with this style A.V. is either a leather cover with handle and buckle closures (#632270 – 16”, #632272 – 22”) or the nylon insulated cover with handle and Velcro closures (#632250 [22”] or #632255 [16”]). We offer two manufacturer’s versions of MO Model A.V.s (Nasco and HarVet). Both are used the same and both accommodate the disposable collection kits or bottle adapters. To distinguish between the two, the HarVet brand has a semi-rigid outlet port that holds it’s cylindrical shape when not in use. (see photo, above left)
Note: If you do not plan on using disposable collection kits with your equine A.V.s, you will need a bottle adapter, collection bottle, and gel filter to collect a stallion with any of the artificial vagina variants.