Properties of vinegar

There is no doubt that at present vinegar has become very popular, it is sold in every store, and all new varieties of vinegar constantly appear.
In addition, not only folk, but even traditional medicine is increasingly resorting to the help of vinegar.
Sweet vinegar
Vinegar is produced everywhere. Who buys vinegar and why? Ninety percent use vinegar and willingly buy it in all countries, perhaps because it attaches a special taste with dishes. Especially selling vinegar grow at the end of summer, when the billets of vegetables begin at the winter best vinegar is suitable for refueling salads as the ingredient of many dishes and for cooking domestic canned food. The American Association of Dietologists advises to stock up various varieties of vinegar, offering to use rice, bean and other varieties in addition to other seasoning.
Growth sales of vinegar
According to statistics, the sale of vinegar in recent years has grown by 15% compared to most of the other categories of goods, including pickled canned food, oriental sauces, Tvorchester Sauce, culinary wine and Sherry. According to sales statistics in supermarkets of major cities, the sale of vinegar in the 2000s increased by 29%.
Retail sales of vinegar in varieties
46% of distilled white vinegar
22% apple vinegar
112% of wine vinegar
10% balsamic vinegar
5% rice vinegar
5% of other vinegar varieties
Although the packaged vinegar sold out retail is most of the acetic market, vinegar is a key ingredient of well-known products. It is used to refuel salads, cooking sauces, marinades, ketchups, mustard, picules, tomato products and much more. When you come to the store next time, take a look at the ingredients of your favorite product and, most likely, you will find vinegar among them.
Distribution of vinegar by category in percent
Packaged vinegar 33, 7
Seasonings and sauces 16, 8
Marinated canned food 14, 8
Mustard 11, 5
Other cooked products 10, 5
Tomato Products 8, 5
Other 4, 2
Vinegar sales in recent years
• In 2000, 49% of the population of large cities bought vinegar at least once.
• The sale of vinegar during this period was seasonal, and sales peak accounted for the summer months, and the second peak came in April, most likely, thanks to Easter holidays due to the use of vinegar for the painting of Easter eggs.
• Packages in 450 - 500 g are most of all in demand, less demand - in 750 -1000. List of the best European dating websites on with true and reliable reviews.