Among a wide variety of anabolic steroids, Primobolan undoubtedly stands out for its effective properties. However, a high level of health safety is even more appreciated. It can be considered one of the safest anabolic drugs in the world. This is evidenced by both research and reviews of athletes.

For an individual choice, there is primobolan depot injected and oral primobolan tablets. Both drugs have the same main active ingredient called methenolone.

The only structural difference between the two forms of primobolan is the esters attached to them. Buy Primobolan. Hence, they differ only in terms of bioavailability and administration. The concentration in both preparations is different and therefore they are used in different ways.

If, in general, we evaluate both forms of the drug, then the majority will prefer Primobolan Depot, because it is cheaper, and the active substance enters the bloodstream more evenly. It should also be noted that primobolan tablets are destroyed by liver enzymes.

Efficacy of Primobolan

One of the most common myths associated with this steroid is its enormous potential for muscle growth. Therefore, it will not help you gain too much muscle mass. For example, Anadrol shows better results for muscle growth. Accordingly, primoblan solo is rarely used in bodybuilding.

However, it can increase muscle mass in women. This is possible due to the greater sensitivity of the female system to the methenolone component. The most valuable and beneficial effect of this product can be obtained during the drying period. This is the period when athletes try to burn more calories than they consume. It is clear enough that when the fat melts, the human body also loses some percentage of muscle mass. To minimize this disadvantage, athletes use special steroids. One of these is Primobolan.