Construction manager resume

How to write a resume for construction manager

A construction manager is a responsible position at a construction site, and a lot at the entrusted object depends on the qualifications and experience, from building construction and technological processes to hiring employees. Therefore, in the construction manager resume, those unique and necessary qualities for a good employee must be highlighted.

Any resume begins with a Summary or Personal statement. Here you should indicate the purpose of your job search, as well as a brief description of your work experience.

For example,

"Observant and goal-oriented construction manager with 15 years of experience in fulfilling production assignments for commissioning facilities on time and performing construction, installation and commissioning works in all quantitative and qualitative indicators in compliance with work production projects."

Work experience and professional skills

Carefully, without missing the slightest detail, describe your experience from enterprise to enterprise. Focus on the last 2-3 employers. Describe all the job responsibilities that you have performed, identify professional skills and achievements.

For example,

"Ensured that overall perception of work scope existed daily while on-site leading to a 20% reduction in the unplanned project delays."

This section is the most important, and the HR manager will make the decision based on it.

We tried to identify the key skills that the construction manager should have:

  • Construction skills;
  • Ability to work with technical and service documentation;
  • Ability to work with specialized organizations and inspection bodies;
  • Quality control of work performed;
  • Drawing up work schedules;
  • Understanding and shaping the processes at the construction site;
  • Ability to work with a rough draft and understand specialized programs.

And now the personal qualities of the applicant:

  • high efficiency;
  • responsibility;
  • stress resistance;
  • team worker;
  • high organizational skills;
  • leadership qualities;
  • purposefulness
  • sociability
  • accuracy
  • activity
  • diligence
  • learnability
  • punctuality

The education section usually comes after the work experience section, but if you are a fresh graduate, you can put your education ahead of work experience. Here you should indicate the full name of the university, specialty, and years of study. Therefore, employers are attentive to the education of job seekers. The construction manager must know the job and be an expert in the field.

Another important part of the resume is the information about qualifications improvement certificates that show you as a professional.

The most common Certifications for the construction manager are:

  • Coating Inspector
  •  Lead Abatement
  •  Concrete Transportation Construction
  •  LEED AP
  •  Safety Manager/Trainer
  •  OSHA
  •  Rigger and Signal Person
  •  Mobile Crane Operator
  • Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)

Based on the resume, the first and somewhat solid opinion about the person is formed, which, however, is biased and depends on the stereotypes of people's attitudes. If it was not possible to receive an invitation for an interview, it would mean that the resume, for some reason, did not catch the employer's attention. You have only the very first moment of reading the resume to impress the employee. According to most employers, it is very important that the information in the resume is complete and, at the same time, brief, and most importantly, that the applicant can confirm all the details during the interview.