Insemination Technics and Supplies International Inc.



Herd fertility is essential to the success of any animal breeding enterprise. Insemination Technics and Supplies International Inc. (ITSI) provides the international swine, bovine, equine, canine, goat and poultry industries with the newest artificial insemination (AI) technology and makes this technology available to the entire farm community at competitive prices. Ensure the success of your breeding program and ensure superior sire genetics with artificial insemination.

We also promote the use of artificial insemination technology through on-farm and commercial programs.



Artificial insemination in the swine industry has many beneficial implications for committed and dedicated farm operators.

  • Reduced capital investment.
  • Reduced operating cash due to lower boar inventory.
  • Greater uniformity in offspring as less sires are used
  • More economical to use better genetics – improved feed conversion, higher average daily gain and higher index.
  • Reduced culling of sows and gilts due to breeding injuries.
  • Better control over semen quality.
  • Reduced transfer of infections through sow-boar contact.
  • Reduced health risk as fewer animals are imported into herd.


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